ADDults: You're Not Alone

Updated: May 19

In part 1, we interviewed Kelly and asked her about how parents, caregivers, and teachers can better assist children who struggle with ADHD. In this installment, we’re turning the tables. Kelly will give us 5 tips for adults with ADHD.

Many adults were not given the tools and skills when they were young to better manage their ADHD. Perhaps they don’t event know what they’re dealing with. After all, ADHD wasn’t really a highly talked about “thing” when many adults were in their schooling years. As parents, caregivers, and teachers, we owe it to ourselves and the kids that we lead to be proactive and be transparent in talking about our weaknesses.


Sitting in an office space all day and working from a desk can be a huge challenge for adults with ADHD. Add to this the potential of meetings where you may be trapped in a room for an hour or 2 is enough to make anyone anxious, grumpy and irritable! Which is why it’s imperative to positively self-manage your ADHD and YES, it can be done!

Here are 5 Ways Being Active Can Help You Have a More Productive Day:

1. Take the Stairs (or the long way).

NAV: In an average day, there are countless times where we cut corners or search for the easy path. Even if this is just a mental switch, look to take the stairs, the long way around the neighborhood, or park in the back of the parking lot. Use the elevated heart beat not as a punishment but to jumpstart your focus.

2. It’s not a waste of time

K: Use Your Lunch Break and other short breaks (especially before you attend a meeting!)

throughout the day to stretch, walk, go for the coffee run or do steps in your building.

Get your blood and oxygen flowing!

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3. Nontraditional Workspace:

K: Have a standing desk or conduct/attend meetings where attendees are given the

option to stand. Standing burns more calories than sitting and helps with your posture

and oxygen flow.

4. Morning Kick Off

K: One of the best ways to start your day and, more importantly, your mind and body is to work out before you head to the office. Nowadays there are so many fitness facilities

that offer 5:00 am classes -find a friend and commit to it - Or, maybe your spouse

would join you? Either way, don’t underestimate how mornings are the most important

part of your day.

5. Fuel the Engine

K: Breakfast is critical! Load up on protein, fruit, eggs and breakfast meats. Eliminate

processed sugars from your breakfast- you will crash in under 2 hours and feel lethargic

and hungry (and grumpy, if I may say and not want to take the stairs!). No more

pancakes, waffles, bagels, pastries! I believe in everything in moderation, so have the

whites and wheats on the weekends -not during the week. To set yourself up to

succeed, the ADHD brain thrives with lots of protein and healthy foods.

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ADHD is prevalent in adults. Many have brilliant means of self-care and self-management. The other part of the equation that’s not even mentioned here is how critical taking breaks and getting up and walking around can be for the ADHD adult.

Too many times those with Adult ADHD get overwhelmed quicker with workload, never ending to -do lists, projects, time management, procrastination and meetings. Being active and creative in how you get your blood flowing and your self-care will be directly proportionate to the output of work. When you take a physical break and remove yourself from your workspace, you are also taking a mental break which is equally, if not MORE important.

Want to know what your main challenge with ADHD? Take the short 10 question quiz and unlock strategies and tips to succeed with ADHD!

ADDults: You're Not Alone

Part 2 with Kelly Biltz

Installment 25

Published: April 17, 2020


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