Are sports good for your kids?

Updated: May 19

Parents everywhere debate whether or not they want their child involved in sports. They consider the factors from injuries to self-confidence and seesaw their way toward making a decision.

As parents weigh the options, here are three reasons why we believe that sports are good for your kids.

1. Balanced Life Style

Children need a mix of activities and stimulation. By playing sports children develop parts of their brain and body that differ drastically from how they learn at school. The environment at most schools tends to revolve around a significantly structured schedule with specific ways kids are required to learn. In athletics, children can discover solutions and develop with more independence. Additionally, kids spend a large amount of the average day inside involved with school, homework, technology, etc. It’s critical for a child’s wellbeing to get outside. Many sports create opportunities to invest in an active outdoor lifestyle.

2. Emotional Development

Sports begin to instill the importance of perseverance for children. Reaching a tough goal or conquering a new skill brings a child confidence and a sense of accomplishment. Children need space and time to run and sweat, to fall and get back up, to lose and win. These up's and down's of emotions can help kids learn to understand their feelings and to channel those feelings into positive actions.

3. Creative Problem Solving

Through sports, children learn how to develop solutions to a variety of problems. If their team is losing, they have to work with their teammates to develop ideas that might help them have success in the game. A child might have a physical skill they’re struggling to master, and they have to uncover new methods that help them strengthen the skill. There are few other systems that foster this mode of thinking, and learning to think creatively about a sport can translate to innovative ideas in other areas of life.

Our goal is to answer tough questions about sports that parents and children are asking. We offer many programs and leagues, but our first goal is to be a resource for the families of Moore County. We hope to provide resources that help your family get active outside in whatever way it works best for you.

Title: Are Sports Good For Your Kids?

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