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Updated: May 19

Moore county is home to approximately 2,500 companies that employee about 36,000+ people (Statistics from For those of you that work for one of these many great companies, you know how much of your life is spent with your co-workers. If you’re a full time employee, you’re spending about 1/3 of your life (sometimes more) at work. If you’re a part-time worker , then maybe 1/5 or even 1/6 of your waking life is spent at work. Your coworkers are crucial to your social life and have the honor of spending time with you! Why not make your time with them memorable and beneficial.

From corporate leagues, group meetings, team building, leadership training, and other opportunities, the NAV offers unique services to the many companies of the Sandhills area.

Group Meetings

We have many great spaces that are perfect for accommodating your next training seminar, strategy meetings, or other corporate get-togethers. (Presentation spaces, speaking engagements, training seminars, etc.) Ranging from more formal spaces to sports courts, we have seen all types of events and we’re ready for yours.

Team Building

Get out of the folding chairs and away from the screen, we have indoor court space and nearly 80 acres of room to play. Our obstacle course, orienteering route, wooded trails, sport fields, beach courts, and others facilities are designed with you in mind. Whether you want trained NAV staff or to bring your own leaders, we can accommodate some epic bonding exercises that are sure to bring your group closer together.

Leadership Training

Bring your company leaders out to the NAV and we’ll put them through the paces. Great things happen when we get groups out of their comfort zone and into the elements. Our facilities cater to groups of varying athletic standards. We prioritize inclusion and our coaches are trained to serve groups of all abilities.


After you work hard, we have fantastic spaces for you to play hard. The NAV Beer Garden offers beer from Southern Pines Brewing Company, wine, cider, and other non-alcoholic beverages, (plus single serving snacks). Indoor and outdoor spaces create wonderful areas for your company parties.


Don't want to wait to play? Join one of our corporate leagues. Face-off with other local businesses in volleyball, futsal, dodgeball, bar games, and more. Tuesday nights are YOUR night at the NAV. That's right, we've designated Tuesday's just for your enjoyment. Check more out here.

We’re in business to promote families playing together. The people you work with often feel like family. Every relationship takes effort so you might as well make it productive. Bring your employees to the NAV for your next outing and watch how your group morale sky-rockets.

What interests do you have?

The Final Whistle writes on bi-weekly topics regarding sports and fitness as it pertains to the Moore County area. If there is something that interests you, we’d love to hear! Maybe we’ll feature the topic in our next blog post.

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Business As (Un)usual

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December 1, 2019


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