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Updated: May 19

Attention all parents — we are 12 weeks away from summer. Just 12 short weeks before school is out, the kids are free, and the weather is blazing hot. Whether you have nothing planned yet or already have several camps lined up for your kids this summer, we’re here to help.

As a local small business, we aim to educate and empower our families and help them have the resources they need. To share information you need about summer activities for your children, we are hosting the 3rd Annual Summer Camp Fair at the NAV on March 21. (This event has been canceled. We will be publishing a special blog post highlighting participating vendors.)

We started the Summer Camp Fair for three reasons:

1. Children have different needs

Some kids might be energized by the sound of all day sports and games at the NAV, while other children shy away or want variety throughout the summer. In the area there are dozens of summer camp options that cater to all types of children. There are opportunities for kids with a range of interests such as art, equestrian, specific sports, culinary, outdoors, and more. We wanted to bring all of those camps to one place this spring so families can make decisions more easily and sign up for multiple summer camps in one place.

2. Face-to-face

It can be hard to gauge what a camp is like over the computer or on your phone. Parents have a great feeling for what their child will like or dislike and what will make their child comfortable. The summer camp fair is an opportunity to meet real life organizers, talk with camp counselors, see demonstrations, and get a small experience of what camp will really be like.

3. Unity

At the NAV we want to support businesses and camps in the community. While healthy competition pushes everyone to be better, we aren’t in business to take revenue from other camps. We’re in business to support the child that wants to play and support the family that wants their child to have fun at any camp they might attend. We want to see good camps succeed and see great families have what they need.

“We recognize that our greatest success comes when we turn our focus toward the community. Our coaches are told from day one that our foundational goal is not to make a certain amount in revenue or meet certain registration goals but to inspire young minds and positively impact kid’s lives through athleticism.”

Excerpt from August 22 Blog: It’s Not About Revenue

Empowering You

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Published: March 6, 2020


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