It's Not About Revenue

Updated: May 19

Summer months mean warm air, long days, and for us, summer camp. The staple behind the NAV camp is our coaches. Our success revolves around the fantastic individuals that step into the court, field, and lunchroom every day. We take camp coaching seriously. After all these are your children, and these are their summer months.

In this installment we dive into what makes our camp so successful and what we teach our coaches that’s so unique.

1. Learning Never Stops

Our camp hosts children ages 3-14. These children’s brains are sponges absorbing information. Our coaches look to use each situation as an opportunity for kids to learn. If someone falls down, it’s both a lesson in situational awareness for the child and a lesson in compassion for the kids watching. We communicate with word and with action to be receptive as we are all still learning.

2. Creativity and Problem Solving

We like to organize games that promote open ended thinking. Games where kids are rewarded for creative thinking and problem solving foster positive brain activity. Our staff doesn’t focus primarily on the rulebook; instead the coaches work to instill a mindset that opens kids brains up to development rather than conformity.

3. Investment in Relationships

Relationships are at the heart of NAV summer camps. We frequently hear about how kids love coming back to our camp because they like spending time with the coaches. Our team of coaches is excellent because we invest in their success as people and professionals. For many of our staff, working summer camp ends up meaning so much more to them then just a bi-weekly pay check. Professionally, we have frequent meetings with our coaches to help them improve their coaching and take on more responsibility. We invest in our staff and in turn the coaches invest in the campers.

We recognize that our greatest success comes when we turn our focus toward the community. Our coaches are told from day one that our foundational goal is not to make a certain amount in revenue or meet certain registration goals but to inspire young minds and positively impact kid’s lives through athleticism. If our coaches can help a camper have a good experience and implement positive lessons in their life then the results will follow.

Naturally we DO have performance goals, and we communicate those with summer staff. We believe that employees work well with having quantitative goals. But we also remind them that failure to meet those goals doesn’t mean the summer was a wash. Our first priority goes to campers and parents feeling confident that the NAV is a safe, beneficial, unique, and engaging place.

“Don’t be afraid to take risks and never be afraid to make mistakes. Ask a lot of yourself and lead by example.”

- NAV Summer Camp Coaches Manual 2019 Edition

We believe that these methods are successful. Our camp enrollment is up more than 20% since 2018 and revenue is up nearly 18%. We have seen nearly 400 registrations so far with still two weeks of camp to go. Our improvements are not to be confused with complacency. We are always striving to find better systems and continuously discuss ways that we can make our program stronger. If you’ve sent your children to camp at the NAV this summer, we’d love to hear about your experience. Thanks for trusting us with your kids.

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Installment 7

August 10, 2019

It's Not About Revenue


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