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Updated: May 19

It’s no secret that we love sports. However, there are a lot more sports than the few that are prominently on mainstream media. Here at the NAV, we play host to a sport that much of the world raves over but it hasn’t quite found its roots yet in America. We’re talking about Rugby.

We play host to three rugby teams here at the NAV. Southern Pines Men's Rugby Club, Southern Pines Women’s Rugby Club, and we occasionally get to have the Southern Pines High School Rugby Club. These three teams have all had great success on our fields. The Men’s team has seen a regional top 4 finish in each of their last few seasons. The Women’s team has seen growth from inception to a full squad. Now the high school team is gaining in popularity and they are competing all over the Carolinas.

Teams outside of Southern Pines have made their way to our fields as well. In 2018, we welcomed the 12 best teams from our Region to play in the Southern Conference Championship. In 2017, the Clemson Rugby Club made their way up to SoPi for a friendly against the Men’s team. Believe it or not, an initial mock-up of the NAV was titled to be an elite rugby training facility. The historic sport of Rugby has long been a part of who we are. But it’s not just rugby that is in our roots. We want to be a place that helps people and groups get to play and compete in the games they love.

Rugby is a great example of our love for sport groups that are on the fringe. We love seeing families, friends, and groups come together around a good game. (No matter how strange the sport may be.) We have welcomed ultimate frisbee, Quidditch, Bocce and other sports on to our facility.

We were founded by a family that bonded together over a sport. Our blood will always run deep with an affinity toward other groups that want to connect over a some healthy competition and maybe a cold beer afterwards.

If you’re looking to learn about the sport of rugby or get into a local rugby club, look no further!

Southern Pines Jokers Rugby

Stop by and watch a game:

Mens Home Games:

October 12 - vs Raleigh

November 2 - Duke Grad

February 8 - vs Asheville

March 14 - vs Charlotte

Women’s Schedule:

October 12 - vs Camp Lajune

November 2 - vs Greenville

March 14 - vs Eno River

March 21 - vs Philadelphia

* Most games will start at 1p. All kick-off times are subject to change*

Sports On the Fringe

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October 5, 2019


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