The New Us

Updated: May 19

The NAV was founded on principles that focused on family engagement. Our founders wanted to run a facility that fostered memorable moments between parents, siblings, cousins, and relations beyond. The community has seen different iterations of the NAV ever since we opened, but coming in 2020 you will see the best the version of the NAV yet. This fall we took a few steps back to gear up for our big release. You haven’t heard much from us because we’ve been dreaming, planning, and solving. This post is poised to tickle your fancy a bit and get you excited for what’s to come (very soon)!

We’ve chosen to derive new focus in three main areas. We have many phases to our plan, but we want to intelligently build upon things as we go. These are three of the primary focus areas.

Adult Sports

Unless you play golf, you won’t find a plethora of recreational opportunities in the greater Sandhills area. We have plans for more kids programs and events, but there seems to be a much greater void to fill in adult sports.

We have assigned someone to be our adult sports director and designated specific days and times to our 18+ community. Family fun isn’t just with your immediate family but also with your work family, your bar family, or anyone else you consider family.

More to come on Adult Sports soon!


Two phrases ring true with people from the Sandhills area. “It’s so hot,” and “There’s nothing to do.” Unfortunately, we can't fix the heat. However, we are building two new attractions to combat the latter phrase: The Hunter Games, NAV Soccer Golf, and indoor/outdoor Beer Garden.

Hunter Games:

Just steps away from the Beer Garden and Beach, we’ll be giving you the sharp, fast moving, pre-historic fun that you crave. Soft-tip archery, spear throwing, etc. will pair nicely with a bachelor party, corporate gathering, or a lazy Friday night.

Soccer Golf:

Our unique course was built with fun-lovers in mind. This putt-putt look alike will combine the two great pastimes of soccer and golf. The 3ft holes and 50-80 yd fairways accommodate different soccer balls for different age groups.

Read more about Soccer Golf

Beer Garden:

Our sea-inspired outdoor patio area will soon be connected to our indoor concession area. We’re knocking down walls, inserting doors, and adding all sorts of seating to make it as comfortable as possible. We serve beer from Southern Pines Brewing Company, Cider from

Jack’s Hard Cider, and various sports and soft drinks.


We’ve added four new full time employees and we’re looking for more. (To apply for a position click here) A move of this magnitude is a huge undertaking but this is a representation of our commitment to how serious we are to delivering the best possible programs, leagues, events and attractions.

We have added the following positions to our staff:

- Outreach and Community Marketing

- Concessions Manager

- Programs Director x3

- Coach x4+

These are just a few of the changes that we are working on right now. We’re excited to get you back out here! In the mean time, don’t miss out on any of the new programs! Stay up to date through our newsletter (Click here) or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

The New Us

Installment 13

November 2, 2019


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