What Works For You: Announcing Our Fitness Director

Updated: May 19

By now, you’ve heard all about how the NAV is changing. From facility updates, new employees, system revamps, and more, we’re evolving so we can bring you the best Moore County has to offer. We’re ecstatic to announce yet another huge addition to our facility.

Starting in January 2020, the NAV will be offering fitness classes! We’re expanding our family so we can offer more for you. Now, the same place where you already play, drink, and party, can be where you exceed your fitness goals.

The spearhead for our latest endeavor is Fitness Director, Kristen Seiler. Kristen joins the NAV from Cincinnati, Ohio. As a former retail nutrition professional, Kristen brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Seiler is a former high school all-state runner and Division 1 runner for Butler University. After college, Kristen coached High School Cross-Country and acquired her NASM Training Certificate. She is no foreigner to fitness or to achieving lofty goals.

We’re pretty excited about Kristen being here and we know you will to. We sat down with Seiler to pick her brain about what’s in store for the lucky individuals that join her classes.


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Q: Why does fitness resonate with you?

A: “I think fitness and exercise often have a negative connotation, but I personally have had the privilege of seeing how life changing it can be for people to realize that exercise is not a chore nor something they should dread. Simply, exercise is just moving your body!

I truly believe there is something for everyone in terms of finding an exercise that works for you. 

I have a passion for helping people and fitness has given me the opportunity to meet people wherever they are in their health journey and not only work with them to improve their overall health, but also build personal relationships with them and experience lives transform beyond fitness alone. ”

Q: What potential do you see at the NAV?

A: “The NAV mission statement says “Improving people’s lives through athleticism.” I resonate with that greatly. All you want as a trainer is to see people living better lives through what you teach them.

I love the space the NAV has to offer. We’re a very non-traditional gym, and I’m excited to see how we can use that to create a new kind of fitness community.”

Q: What do you think about the NAV facilities?

A: “The NAV performance gym has some of the best equipment you can get. The clients will be very pleased. What is so unique is that our indoor gym opens up to nearly 80 acres. So if you look indoors, you won’t be overwhelmed for space, but when you open the doors, our clients have the largest private fitness center in the area.”

Q: How can I join?

A: “Join a class or become a member! Classes will give you some great instruction and the membership gives you 24-hour gym access. Both are really great options and work even better together.”

All classes will be starting the first week of January. Registration and details to follow.

We’re gearing up for a huge winter program session. Kristen’s classes are just a few of many things you’ll be able to do come January. Grab a beer, play in a league, take a fitness class, and more. We’re the ultimate one stop destination.

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What Works For You: Announcing Our Fitness Director

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