Why We Exist

Why does the NAV exist?

We believe in improving lives through athleticism. From adult leagues, youth programs, and community events, the NAV entertains a large demographic of people. With 70+ acres and 6 primary amenities, the NAV is Moore County’s premier athletic venue.

This blog is about why the NAV exists and why our facility is different from your standard field and court rental venue.

Friday's are water days at NAV Summer Camp

The Need

It doesn’t take a social scientist to notice the growth that Moore County has seen in recent years. Where cow fields used to line each road and highway, now shops, apartments, and houses are popping up wherever you can imagine. The influx in the population has brought a much greater need for youth athletic development, camps, birthday parties, programs, adult leagues, community events, and much more.

The Following

In just over two short years since the NAV has been in full operation, we have seen over 100,000 people on our property. We have accumulated fans internationally in places like Japan, Ireland, and Germany, but also 40+ states across the entire country. We will continue to reach a large number of people which will continue to bring people to Moore County.

The Why

Change lives through athleticism

In our office we have our company purpose pinned on the wall stating, “We want to change lives through athleticism.” We view our facility, programs, leagues, and events as an avenue to inspire people. In a time in history where we as humans spend more and more time as sedentary beings, we aim to combat these trends by offering positive and encouraging opportunities for people of any age or stage of athletic ability.

School Field Day

We are a for-profit, people-inspired company. As a for-profit company we can better guide how we invest in our future, how we develop the facility, and how we manage our programs so they can be catered more to your needs.

Our promise to the people of Moore County is our mission statement. These words give us accountability and encouragement. The mission statement is a daily reminder of why we show up to work and why we love working here.

NAV Mission Statement:

The National Athletic Village strives to be a company that provides exciting and inclusive opportunities for people of all ages and stages of athletic development. In a world where we spend more and more time as sedentary beings, we will aim to combat these trends by fostering and encouraging a positive environment for anyone to be a part of by offering leagues, programs, and events.

We will pay maximum attention to our quality of program. Resources are limited and time is precious for us all. To show respect to those who participate, we will only offer programs and events that align with the mission of the National Athletic Village. We will intentionally select leagues, programs, and events that can be executed at a standard that we are proud of.

Moore county is a diverse community of people that cover many areas of ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. We believe that athletics can play a pivotal role in any persons life. We will not be able to reach the many communities on our own. By collaborating and supporting local organizations, together we will have a greater affect. The National Athletic Village will always have a strong commitment to community involvement and community service.

As a company that is largely reliant on the outdoors. We will commit a part of ourselves to take care of the environment. We believe that in order to love something is to care for and preserve that entity. We love our property and the ecology around us. Each year, we will run a facility wide initiative that is beneficial to the environment.

Our team is the fly wheel to our aspirations. National Athletic Village employees are intuitive, friendly, and helpful people that are committed to improving customers lives through athleticism. Our hope is to be a group of employees that puts our best foot forward each day, act selflessly regardless of the task, and treats each day as a new chance to have fun.

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