Work It Out(side)

Updated: May 19

With spring right around the corner, we are getting anxious for warmer temperatures here at NAV. If you've seen our facilities, you know why. Our outdoor space is seemingly endless. From our woodland trails and obstacles to our beach area, grass athletic fields, and more outdoor activity spaces in between, there are countless reasons to #optoutside with us at NAV.

Join a sports league, bring the family for a walk along the trails, hang out with friends at the beach area, or sign up for one of our fitness classes. Whatever it is that you are looking to do, chances are we can help you get active outside.

Everyone knows that exercise is important and that getting sufficient time outside is full of benefits. While we all know this, most of us could still use more movement in our daily routine. Sedentary lifestyle habits are increasingly becoming more popular among both adults and youth alike as the use of technology has continued to increase as well.

Let’s be honest though, it can be tough to get outside and exercise when you are sitting all day for an office job or tending to your kids at the house. It can also be just as draining when you are dragging yourself to a gym after a long day at work only to be stuck inside yet again.

Let us help you! We make movement easy and our spaces for outdoor activity practically never end. What sets the NAV apart from all other fitness gyms and facilities is that you don’t HAVE to stay inside and stare at the wall to get your workout in on our facility. Stop dreading your mundane workout routine that leaves you wishing you were outside. We encourage taking your workout outside!

Why be stuck inside when you don’t have to be? You don’t need to choose between being outside or getting your workout in. You can do BOTH here at NAV. We have 80 acres of land for you to enjoy, whether that’s on your own or through one of our programs and activities.

Our fitness classes are designed to take place outdoors when the weather cooperates and that is why we are counting down the days until spring weather is here to stay! We want to put the “out” in workout.

Purchase a membership, register for a class or program, or check us out with a free day pass! Show this blog post and receive a free day pass!

*Please Recognize*

The NAV and it's staff are not responsible for your health and wellness. We would like to promote healthy and active lifestyles while also promoting safety. This blog post does not substitute medical advise. Please exercise prudence and seek professional attention before doing something that could cause you injury or harm.

Work It Out(side)

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Published: February 22, 2020


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