Sports Course

The Sports Course

The Sports Course is designed similarly to a golf course with 13 stations instead of 18 holes represented by large American flags instead of golf pins. The stations are spread across 70+ acres providing plenty of room to play as many games as you wish with minimal to no contact with other people. Call the NAV at 910-585-3212 to reserve a play time. When you arrive at the NAV you will be given a map that guides you to every station on the property. Come experience our brand new Sports Course and remember to

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Individual Day Pass: $10

Family Day Pass: $25

The Stations

Station 1 

Location:  Field House

Activities:  Multicourts

                  Bike & Helmet Rentals


Station 2

Location:  The Woodlands

Activities:  The Hunter Games (3D Archery)

                  Spear Throw

                  GaGa Ball

Station 3

Location:  Front Side Of The Field

Activities:  Bucket Of Balls/Frisbee


                  T-Ball/Whiffle Ball/Kickball

Station 4

Location:  Ambush Park

Activities:  Airsoft (BYO Gear)

                 Play Hide & Seek  

Station 5

Location:  Back Side Of The Field

Activities:  Track & Field (w/o the Track)

                  Capture The Flag

                  Soccer Golf

Station 6

Location:  The Trail System 

Activities:  Obstacle Trail

                  BYO Or Rent A Bike


Station 7

Location:  Team Obstacles 

Activities:  Wild Wooly

                  Confidence Climb

                  High Wall 

                  Bell Ring

                  Tire Roll

Station 8

Location:  The Game Barn

Activities:  Large Jenga

                  Spike Ball

                  Corn hole 

Station 9

Location:  First Aid Stop

Activities:  Tire Dash

                  Treasure Box

Station 10

Location:  Trail System

Activities:  Scavenger Hunt (In Daytime)

                  Navigation Trail (At Nightime)

Station 11

Location:  Right Of The Athletic Fields 

Activities:  Bike Ramps

Station 12

Location:  The Beach

Activities:  Volleyball


                  Human Foosball

                  Shovels & Buckets

                  Photo Chair (Mr. Blue)

                  Beer Garden 

Station 13

Location:  Welcome Center

Activities:  Power Gym


                  Activity Room

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