Sports Course

The Sports Course

The Sports Course is designed similarly to a golf course.  There are different stations that are represented by a large American flags.  With many stations spread across 80 acres, there is plenty of room to play as many games as you wish with minimal to no contact with other people if you are trying to stay physically distant.  Call the NAV before dropping in to let the staff know when you are interested in visiting.  When you arrive at the NAV you will be given a map that lays out every station on the property.  Come experience our brand new Sports Course and remember to Play More!  

The Stations

Station 1 

Location:  Field House

Activities:  Multicourts

                  Bike & Helmet Rentals


Station 2

Location:  The Woodlands

Activities:  The Hunter Games (3D Archery)

                  Spear Throw

                  GaGa Ball

Station 3

Location:  Front Side Of The Field

Activities:  Bucket Of Balls/Frisbee


                  T-Ball/Whiffle Ball/Kickball

Station 4

Location:  Ambush Park

Activities:  Airsoft (BYO Gear)

                 Play Hide & Seek  

Station 5

Location:  Back Side Of The Field

Activities:  Track & Field (w/o the Track)

                  Capture The Flag

                  Soccer Golf

Station 6

Location:  The Trail System 

Activities:  Obstacle Trail

                  BYO Or Rent A Bike


Station 7

Location:  Team Obstacles 

Activities:  Wild Wooly

                  Confidence Climb

                  High Wall 

                  Bell Ring

                  Tire Roll

Station 8

Location:  The Game Barn

Activities:  Large Jenga

                  Spike Ball

                  Corn hole 

Station 9

Location:  First Aid Stop

Activities:  Tire Dash

                  Treasure Box

Station 10

Location:  Trail System

Activities:  Scavenger Hunt (In Daytime)

                  Navigation Trail (At Nightime)

Station 11

Location:  Right Of The Athletic Fields 

Activities:  Bike Ramps

Station 12

Location:  The Beach

Activities:  Volleyball


                  Human Foosball

                  Shovels & Buckets

                  Photo Chair (Mr. Blue)

                  Beer Garden 

Station 13

Location:  Welcome Center

Activities:  Power Gym


                  Activity Room

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