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Chose one
These are the best athletes in their gym - Looking to Compete at a level equal to The Open
There will be an overall Men's and Women's winner. With best time determining the winner.
These are great athletes, stronger than most but not pushing regional standards.
There will be a winner crowned for each individual workout. 
This is the 'average joe' division. Moms, dads; those who are as fit as their busy lives allow.
You will be put into a group of as many as 12 people. (You may be required to pick a partner for the workout.)
These will be the people who you compete with. Each station will be equipped with event officials. 
You will need to complete three workouts over the day. The lifting and 
functional workoutswill be scheduled. The obstacle run will be open for you to choose when you run. WOD Release Date: 4/4/18
1. Lifting
2. Functional
3. Obstacle Run
This is an all day event. You will be required to check-in before competition
Elite check-in: TBD
Competitive check-in: TBD
Social check-in: TBD

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