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Enjoy guided and unguided tours among our beautiful long leaf pines. 

80 acres of serene adventure await. 


Moonlight Hike

The guided Moonlight Hike takes you through the long leaf pines of the National Athletic Village. Guests may pause anywhere along the trail and take a moment to stargaze and appreciate the beauty of the outdoors. As you walk, feel free to enjoy the obstacles and learn more about the history of the area from your guide. When you have completed the trail, guests will be lead back to the main entrance to enjoy the beer garden. Wines, brews, and s'mores are available for purchase while playing bar sports or watching the kids play on The Beach.

Note: The moon is not always out so we provide flashlights for dark nights.

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Hike, Wine, & Dine

The Hike, Wine & Dine Tour is a guided tour and picnic with your choice of three drinks (beer, wine, water, or soda). Enjoy activities among long leaf pines as the sun sets and the stars rise. The tour includes obstacles, a history of the area, roasting marshmallows over a fire, as well as special seasonal events such as Navigating March through September, and Stargazing October through April. This tour allows you to sample our signature NAV brew beer while picnicking in the woods. The trail is easy-going and appropriate for all ages. Enjoy the beer garden with wines, brews and s'mores while playing bar sports or watching the kids play on The Beach. You are welcome to bring your own cigars.


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Come after dark! The Navigation Trail takes you on a self-guided adventure through the National Athletic Village's two miles of wooded trails. You will be given a flashlight with the task of following reflective tacks hidden throughout the trails. Along the journey, hunt for treasures signified by reflective tacks. Work in teams or as individuals if you want to race! Or enjoy a leisurely evening stroll through the beautiful longleaf pines. 

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