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Event Host: Rogue Alpha Athletics

Date: August 22nd, 2020

Location: 201 Air Tool Drive 

                Southern Pines, NC



Three events in one day!

1. Terrible 2 miler - $65

2. All American Beer Mile - $45

3. Warriors Challenge AGOGE- $55

Bundle All Three ($165 value) for $100

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Event Descriptions:

1. Terrible 2 Miler

The Terrible 2 Miler is a 2 mile course packed full of military style obstacles.  A combination of balance, coordination, strength, agility, and stamina are required to tackle this crazy course.  Beware, some obstacles require negotiating at heights. 

* Participants receive an event t-shirt!

2. All American Beer Mile

Just as the name suggests, you will run 1 mile but will be required to drink 4 beers every quarter mile.  Don't want to drink or not quite of age, no worries, we have water.  Don't want to run take the fast pass option and just drink your beer.  We also like to throw in a surprise event during our beer miles. 

* Participants will receive a custom beer drinking glass!    


3. Warriors Challenge AGOGE 

Rogue Alpha Athletics has developed a new course that will test you both physically and mentally.  RAA has taken military, swat, and fire department agility courses coupled with strongman and other fitness tests to create one ultimate challenge.  We have packed this mobile challenge into the size of an athletic field so we can now bring the fun to you.  We will only disclose certain obstacles/movements so we can keep the element of surprise.  Each series of the warriors challenge has a different theme and element that makes it unique.  We use the chosen warrior to tailor the course to their attributes.  

Last Friday of each month

   - All year round

   - 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

   - Ages 14+ 


   - Sports, games. campfire, and other activities

   - Beverages and snacks available for purchase 

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Third Saturday of each month

   - Jan 18, Feb 15, Mar 21, Apr 18, May 16

   - 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

   - Ages 13+ 


   - Guardian accompanying under 16

   - Must bring your own gear

   - Face masks available to rent ($5)

   - $10

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